Horseback Riding Lessons

At Johnny 6 Stables we like to start everyone off on the right hoof. We teach our students in a private lesson so that we may go at a speed and a pace custom to your needs. Each rider will have their own horse and instructor. We have found that this keeps our riders safe and they learn easier and faster and thereby end up having a great time.

Many students continue with private lessons while others enjoy riding in a group. The J6Academy is a group one hour lesson given on Saturdays and enrollment is paid monthly. Students will be applicable after having enrolled in a minimum of 4 private lessons first and also under the approval of their instructor. We ask our riders to be able to safely control their horses performing walk, trot, halt and for Advanced Academy canter.

J6 Barn Days.. Johnny 6 Stables is happy to have our J6 Academy riders or our private lesson riders enroll in the monthly program of Saturday Barn Days. Riders will be able to help do barn tasks such as, feeding, grooming, cleaning stalls, tacking horses, ground work and even some bathing.

If J6 Riders would like more riding time or to experience what it would be like to have a horse of their own we have horses available for lease or for sale. Just ask your instructor for details.