Welcome to Johnny 6 Stables. We are a full service facility everything from beginner riding lessons, intermediate or advanced riding lessons, horse training from young colts, to pleasure trail or show horse training.

So whether you are just wanting to ride a horse for fun or would like the challenge of showing, we are the barn for you! We also have horses available for lease or sale.

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Johnny 6 Stables we love our horse and human home.

About J6S

Amanda Wollny Groce is the owner and head trainer at Johnny 6 Stables. Amanda grew up working and training horse since the age of 13. She worked at a 200 head horse farm and broke horses to ride, drive and all ground handling. She and her students have shown competitively at the A circuit National Shows as well as at the top of the Worlds Championship Horse Show in Kentucky. Amanda specializes in the American Saddlebred and has trained almost all breeds of horses. She has trained gaited breeds such as Morgan, Fox Trotters, Peruvian Passos, Icelandic Ponies and Tennessee Walkers as well as pleasure breeds such as Fresian, Quarter horses, Appaloosas, Arabs, Thoroughbreds, Welsh and Hackney ponies and many more.

Amanda is able to fine tune both horse and rider so that they become a perfect team. Her goal is to help people learn their horse and to train their horse to learn their rider. She has been exceptional on matching the perfect horse to her riders capability and personality. This has made her clients life long lovers of horses and horsemanship.

So whether you enjoy being competitive and showing a horse or if you prefer to just relax and enjoy learning to ride for pleasure…. we are the right barn for you.

Contact J6S

Johnny 6 Stables is conveniently located right off of the 101 Highway on the Masten Ave exit in Gilroy. Our barn is a quick left onto No Name Uno and ends on 685 Lena Ave. (You can see our barn from the highway.) We are happy to have an inclosed barn and outside paddocks and pastures. Our horses and clients enjoy the large outdoor arenas as well as the indoor arena with lights. The indoor arena is perfect for shade from hot summer sun or shelter during rainy days. Our barn is a private facility so please call first to make an appointment during operation hours.